GF3We are a group of professional advertisers who worked in recent years in large advertising agencies and with advertising campaigns focused on Crowdfunding platforms worldwide. Over the years, we have accumulated much experience as advertisers on various crowdfunding platforms and we collected several methods to achieve success.

Among other things, we opened campaigns ourselves and launched services and projects generating impressive results and using the methods we selected in order to lead to a successful campaign within days.

Currently, we’re working as an outdoor group for the Media Mails company.Every day, we make brainstorm with them, and receive full professional training, discuss new methods and tools to build professional crowd funding campaigns.

The Media Mails company is the leader in marketing and advertising crowdfunding campaigns in the world and oversees the entire process of working with us, giving direction and transferring knowledge backed by a solid reputation to lead to the success of the campaigns we manage.

We decided to lead crowdfunding campaigns in a different way, which will focus on a combination of methods applied for the benefit of the campaigns.

We will lead the successes of the campaign from a different direction for the benefit of the campaign, with full transparency and the guidance of the Media Mails company for the marketing strategies that will lead to a higher level campaign.

We act as an independent separate entity, and we have access to use of every tool at our disposal, using the many and varied media, social networks and other methods of new media advertising in the Media Mails company for the success of each campaign.