Raising donors through Public Relations and Press Releases

140380373Public Relations is one of the methods we use to get your campaign publicized in the press and media. We create and distribute a professional press release to generate significant exposure throughout the campaign so that you will earn the right coverage that will draw attention to your campaign.

We conduct research on your service or product and present the information from every angle in order to achieve the maximum results in the short term. For our efforts, every day we receive satisfied customers who return with new ideas and new campaigns.

The success of the advertising campaign is our main goal. We prefer to market quality campaigns to from the start and steer it in the right direction.

We have a crowd of donors who believe in us and know that when we market a new service, we stand behind this promise, and only publish projects that are worth their time. We will not compromise on quality.

We know that a successful campaign combines professional video with a detailed description written by professionals that gives a thorough explanation of the product or service.

We are able to create a professional video for the campaign, combining the 3D technology with professional narration that adequately demonstrates a product prototype with a meaningful explanation as to why donors should help make this dream become a reality. Our services also include professional branding and sophisticated copywriting.

Statistically, most campaigns on crowdfunding platform are unsuccessful and only a small percentage actually reach 100% of their target during the campaign period.

For the benefit of our customers, our specialization is to reach hundreds or thousands of percentage points above the main goal. Our role will be to work hard for the success of the campaign. Your job will be to sit back and enjoy the successes.