The Groups Funding team wanted to share some of our frequently asked questions & answers with you!

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Q: What is the most influential factor on crowdfunding platforms that will make the campaign successful?

A: Tests are performed automatically to lead and promote the campaign to the main page on the platform and the main page in the niche of the category where it belongs.

Some of the tests include checks of conversion ratios between the visitors on the campaign page to the donors or investor ratios who have taken part or entered the stand of the campaign and invested.

How many social networks shares there were, how many comments on the campaign page there were or contributors, how many content updates and comments from the audience with the campaign, how many unique visitors with different IP addresses who entered the campaign in relation to the amount of shares, followers and likes leading social networks.

Once the campaign proves its seriousness and focus both in terms of shares of social reactions from donors, donations, content updates and more, the platform will lead the campaign to the main page on the platform, in order to get mass exposure from other potential donors or investors (depending on the campaign and platform) and in many fewer resources and effort.

Q: How is success measured on the crowdfunding campaign platform?

A: The components of success vary from platform to platform, but the guiding principle that runs on all those platforms is: time, speed and success within the first days of the campaign launch. That is, each campaign has an opportunity to prove itself within 8 days of the campaign being launched on the air.

Every day, new players are uploaded to the crowdfunding platform with new services and various campaigns. The campaign which manages to qualify for this competition with the other players, both in terms of the number of entries by potential donors to meet the campaign goal, social media sharing and massive fundraising is the one who survives and climbs to higher places on the crowdfunding platform.

When you choose to do the work yourself, you will have a hard time leading the campaign page to the required standards set out by the platform, so it will be important that you use the mass principle on all the parameters necessary for success of a professional campaign on these platforms.

Q: What happens if I do not use with Groups funding service to boost my crowdfunding campaign?

A: If you have a campaign on any crowdfunding platform, then you should use the Groups Funding team or even other experts to crowdfunding. In addition, you must to have you own strategy to consistently boost your for the get a success front else your campaign will be out ranked by those who are! Basically, your campaign will be buried in the back pages of the crowdfunding platform who you work with them and you could eventually be de-listed! Don’t let this happen to you!

Allowing us to boost your crowdfunding campaign early on in your campaign to give you the best results in duration your campaign.

Q: Can you assure me that after agreeing to buy from you any advertising package, your company or your professional team will successfully  raise the goal of 100% or less?

A: We are driven by a purely personal interest to campaign for the simple reason that we will receive our fees at the end of the campaign and only after we have proven success in raising 100% of the primary goal.

That is, if we were only able to meet the target parts: 80% for example, all amounts raised are transferred back to the campaign owner. This demonstrates that we are driven out of our pure interest to succeed.

Q: Is it possible to predict the success or failure of the campaign?

A: Definitely! Before you decide to launch a campaign, we look at the campaign, both at the text, the existing features, graphics, video and photos. A campaign that looks unprofessional will not transmit credibility to potential donors and will already constitute a failure in its early stages.

In most cases, audiences and donors can sense that the owner of the campaign wants to raise funds intended for their own use and that there is not really a service, product or a real idea behind the launch.

This will cause them to retreat early in the first launch. Therefore, to build a quality campaign, it is important to first and foremost build trust with the public donors and with magazine editors and journalists who scan the campaign and decide if it is worth the coverage and exposure.

Q: What motivates you to lead a successful campaign?

A: The first thing that motivates us is the creativity, professional feel to be part of something important. Each and every project becomes part of us, to the point of fulfillment.

Q: When should I start using in Groups Funding, to boost my crowdfunding campaign?

A: Boost your campaign ASAP! Based on our experience, the earlier you increase the better your results will be. If you wait too long then you risk falling too far behind or worse — your campaign being delisted. 

Q: What is the total percentage amount that will be provided to me after you demonstrate a successful campaign and lead the campaign to 100% of the primary goal at the end of the campaign?

A: In fact, it very much depends on the amount of your main goal and the type of advertising package you chose. Therefore, it ranges from 20-30% after proof of our success on the recruitment of 100% financing. For example, if you decide to raise $100k as the main goal, at the end of the campaign, our commission will be 25% that we will collect from the platform.

Important note: Each platform has its own terms and the percentage it charges for using the service, whether the recruitment is done by wire transfer, credit cards, PayPal or others.

Q: After recruitment of 100% of the primary goal, is there is a chance that the campaign will receive additional funding and will get reach hundreds or thousands of percent?

A: The answer is YES!!! Unequivocal yes!!! But, it very much depends on the quality of the campaign. We are able to lead any campaign to the outcome of 100% financing, which means, we will have success in achieving the main goal. However, if the campaign does not look good, is not made properly, looks sloppy, or is not updated and upgraded, there may be a stop at the level of income following the realization of the first target.

So, we make a point to update and guide the campaign before we decide to get the job done for the simple reason, that raising the first 100% financing and any amount during this stage goes directly into a marketing and advertising campaign in order to lead to high ranking early on and throughout all stages of the campaign.

A campaign that looks sloppy raises questions and sometimes raises suspicion among potential donors and we would not want to put you in this position.

Q: What method will you use to send me the money raised in the campaign?

A: This depends on the campaign policies and payments thereof of the platform that launched your campaign. That is, if the chosen platform to transfer the funds is via PayPal, we will forward to you the amount owed to you via PayPal up to 72 hours after we receive the funds from the platform. If the funds are going to be transferred by wire transfer, we will make a bank transfer to your bank account no later than 72 hours after we receive the full amounts from the platform.

Q: What is the added value that I get such a campaign and the method of this work beyond money?

A: The added value is penetrating additional audiences than the existing ones available to you and with which you are familiar. That includes publications, public relations in print or digital, maintaining a vibrant presence on all major search engines, public relations targeting potential investors, and tremendous exposure to additional audiences that exist on the financing platform in which you are launching your campaign.

We give many good reasons for people to talk about you and your campaign over time. An integral part of the launch of the campaign is through a press release and distribution of professional article to create a personal interview with the owner of campaign.

The added value and significance is to create interest even after the campaign has ended so that if you want to issue another campaign on this or any other platform in the future, it will be backed up automatically by positive public relations in any search engine against groups of investors or potential donors who search for references or any piece of information about you and your company in order to decide whether to invest in you or not!

Q: Is it possible that if I want to earn all of the 100% and not share it with anybody, and I am willing to pay separately for the distribution, marketing and public relations, and not pay a percentage as a commission of the profits? If so, what are the options?

A: Yes of course!

It is your right to be the sole owner of the project and earn all the 100% without committing to share with us and you can select from our other services of advertising packages. There are two options with different prices and services.

Click here to learn more – First method

Click here to learn more – Second method

Q: Is there a chance that after the initial 100% financing, the campaign will not be able to raise more funds?

A: There is definitely that chance, but failure rates are lower for the simple reason that a quality campaign should be built thoroughly in the early stages before the launch and raising money.

If the owners do not strengthen the campaign after the first round, maintain contact with donors and perform updates to support the campaign after the first round, then the ranking will drop and the campaign is likely to remain stuck.

Q: Who assures me that after raising the amount of the main goal or any other amount, even if you fail to meet the target of 100%, that I will get my share even after deducting your percentage?

A: If you do not get us money, many supporters, such as: investors or donors will not get from you the perks and support at the end of campaign, and will not be able to get basic customer service support, so that ultimately, we can hurt ourselves a lot more.

We are a commercial company and are subject to strict procedures according to the laws and harsh commercial of industrial Canadians and the Americans. We are working very hard to build our reputation, so it is important to us more than anything else, to keep you as a satisfied customer who got the best service from us and allow us to keep your interest now and in the future.

The additional interest that is important to us, is the crowd of donors and investors who know us and believe in our projects that we launch from time to time. It is therefore important for us not to cause any mistrust in them that may eventually harm us.

Q: Do you stop your activities on the campaign after you have achieved the main goal?

A: We never stop. We turn to new channels and other niches for your campaign and especially social networks to create an additional maximum exposure for the service after we have already raised the amount of the main goal.

We continue with the campaign until its completion, and remain in constant contact with the campaign owner in order to brainstorm and come up with other important procedures that can lead to further significant success during the campaign.

The bulk of our resources is invested in public relations for the benefit of the campaign. This includes the issuance of a press release, article distribution, digital and printed newspaper advertising across the US, Australia, UK, Canada and Europe. Sometimes we promote personal interviews with campaign owners in order to lead the campaign to incorporate the added value in the face of potential investors and other donors during the campaign.

Q: Is there any other working method where  I can be the owner of the campaign from the beginning?

A: Yes, absolutely!

In these methods, you pay a predetermined amount for marketing, distribution and public relations, where we will undertake definite results that will  appear in any advertising package.

Any ownership of the campaign from the beginning remains in your hands, without committing to give us any money at each stage of the campaign.

We note that with these methods, we will not commit ourselves to the success of the campaign and raising 100% of the main goal, but we’re committed to definite results that appear in any advertising package depending on the selected campaign.

Click here to learn more – First method

Click here to learn more – Second method

Q: If your group is so confident that you can recruit donors and funds for the campaign, why do you not take a higher percentage or the percentage you want only after proving true success?

A: First of all, we do not want to take any personal and emotional involvement in the campaign for the simple reason that we are conducting additional campaigns for other people who have chosen to work with the method we offer.

We have to maintain the objectivity, though we could probably earn much more if we take the risk ourselves and did not charge a fee in advance for our services.

We are a commercial company and we have to consider the integrity and reciprocity of our advertisers. The second reason is you – that is, the owner of campaign must demonstrate seriousness and commitment to renounce his campaign and moral responsibility.

In order to reach audiences and many more potential donors, this can only be done through the work of the massive marketing for which the cost is not cheap – at least not in first stages of the launch.

Q: Why did you make the marketing and public relations on the company or the new venture before you launch the crowdfunding campaign on the platform?

A: In order to lead a successful crowdfunding campaign, we must arouse awareness among journalists and editors of numerous magazines, long before we decide to launch the campaign on a crowdfunding platform to raise money. Most of the journalists and editors of various magazines love to get interesting topics and new content, especially those where we can vouch for the contents and not have their self-interest for private needs.

This statistic is will create a positive public opinion on the mass readers in the immediate term and over time. Over time, (almost one or two months after the first public relations) we launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the project. You can be sure that most of the donors or potential investors will search across all search engines, both the company, the entrepreneur or the idea, before they decide to contribute, or invest in the campaign.

Once they find a large number of news articles, positive reviews and references, across different date ranges, the contents of which is not aimed at crowdfunding campaign entry, the intensity of the effect on public opinion will be enhanced and it will be easier to get far more intense support and sympathy.

Q: What are the chances of failure to meet the target and the main goal?

A: The chances are nil. However, if there are problems such as weather conditions, technical problems not related to us, issues with the platform servers or external matters that we have no direct control over, then these could impact the success of your campaign.

If all the technical elements work uniformly, there should not be a problem, and your campaign can reach 100% financial recruitment and meet the target primary goal. Again, only in cases of force majeure, power failures or technical problems – can we see a problem of not meeting the target primary goal.

Q: Are there  additional costs beyond the commission of 5% of the first goal before, after or during the campaign?

A: Our customers get from us all the details about their campaign and our commission before we start to work on their campaign. Transparency is the name of the game from our side and moral integrity for all our customers. We announce in advance our costs and the way we receive funds from them or from the platform which launched the campaign.

Any recommendation of a sales campaign offered to the customer for any reason will be offered before deciding whether to purchase the service from us. Fees and other amounts that we do not declare before the start of the service, and before the customer decides to hire our services, will not be charged, either directly or indirectly to the client, unless the customer decides to buy other services from us during the campaign.

Q: Do additional fees apply when transferring funds after receiving the funds from the platform? For example: “transfer fee”, etc …?

A: The answer is no!

We will do not ask for any additional funds after the transfer of funds from the platform at the end of the campaign.

Q: Do you hand us the control of the campaign page, during the campaign or after?

A: Definitely yes!

After the end of the campaign, we will wire the money and then we will forward to you (to the campaign owner) full control over the campaign page for two primary reasons: Firstly, maybe you will want to extend the campaign and raise more money. Secondly, you will need to provide a support service to the donors or investors, until they receive the perks you promised them.

Before the delivery of the perks, many campaign owners receive many requests to the campaign about the shipment.

Sometimes there are delays in the original promised date of delivery for any reason and this must be updated prior to professionally respond to everyone who supported the campaign.

This obligation applies to owners of the campaign and collecting additional funds beyond the amount of 100% of the first goal.

Q: If I have an existing active campaign which works and manages to successfully raise funds, is it possible to add your method in order to lead the campaign to be more successful?

A: We can definitely allow you to use our method, but you will have to take into account that we take full control over the campaign page. Campaign owners are not always ready to give up control on the system of their campaign, especially if the campaign has been successful and was able to stand on its own without the help of professional marketers, or corporate public relations or advertising.

Q: What happens when you fail to meet the target of 100% of the primary goal?

A: In this case, the entire amount which has been raised in the campaign, (less the commissions of the platform) will be transferred to the campaign owner’s account bank or PayPal (Depending on the method of the platform) and we do not demand any fee whatsoever, not by the owners or the campaign platform.

Q: What happens in a situation where you could recruit more than 100% of the primary goal?

A: In such a situation, we will collect our fees directly from the platform, according to the percent that belongs to the advertising package who you chose, and only from the 100% primary goal. Any amount which has been raised above the campaign’s main amount of 100% will be transferred directly to the campaign owner, after deducting the the platform’s commission.

Q: Is your commission derived from any amount above the 100% first goal?

A: No! Our fees are based according to the following parameters:
5% from the primary goal that the campaign owner pays us before we start work on the project, and before we start the launch of the campaign.

We will get more money from the campaign by the platform, only after we get successful recruitment of the main goal of 100%. (20%-30% depending on the campaign package).

If the campaign gets more than 100% from the main goal at the end of the launch, the campaign owner will get them at the end of the launch, after net of commission for the platform.

Q: If I want to use your services without giving you access to my campaign account – is there an option?

A: This is certainly possible. However, it is conditional on you allowing us to open another campaign page, in addition to meeting the current campaign that you run. Usually, it is not recommended to launch two pages of a campaign at the same time, because it creates a negative public perception in front of potential investors who may view it as a position of greed or a desire to raise a lot of money.

Additionally, this approach does not necessarily serve the main goal and could cause potential donors to retreat, while the executive creator of this campaign ends up raising little in each account. In cases of this kind, it will be important to end the current campaign and then launch a new campaign. This is to maintain a positive public opinion and win support for the product or service.

Q: Do I need to be a owner of a famous company, or well-known entrepreneur in order to work with you?

A: On the macro level the answer is no!
Although this is an important thing for investors and potential donors who want to know that they are contributing to and investing their money in a recognized entity, quality assured, providing them a kind of “insurance” to get more confidence about campaign owner or his team who is behind the project. This is the right point to reinforce when raising more funds.

Q: Do I have to be the owner of the website of the company, or the project?

A: If you do not have a company who is supporting your project, it will be important to have a website that supports the idea, and which contains all of the content describing the idea and who is behind it. It will also be important to build professional profiles on social networks and add posts from the site, such as various articles that talk about the idea and the project.

Q: Do you give any approach to meet the campaign while you manage it while recruiting the primary goal?

A: Definitely! As the owner of the campaign, we assign you as a member of the campaign team, so that potential donors and supporters who ask questions during the campaign about the products or services can get answers in a professional manner.

In addition to updates, you may be required to meet the campaign from time to time in order to maintain maximum viral visibility, and who could do it best but the person who knows the service and the campaign in every way possible – meaning you!!!

Q: If you are not successful in meeting the target of 100% of the primary goal, do you give me back the fee of 5% of the primary goal that I paid for the production and launch of the campaign?

A: The answer is no!

The amount of 5% of the primary goal that we invested in professional public relations and marketing for your company, or your project, before we started to launch and market the crowdfunding campaign is not cheap, at least in the early stages, well before the launch of the campaign and is intended to make a positive impact and strengthen public opinion.

This was based on creating a professional public relations company, and position it as high quality regardless of the campaign, but to further reinforce the construction value.

We use this amount to purchase media and professional construction of many features on the campaign page. We will receive the real commission for the campaign through the platform, and only after we have demonstrated success in raising 100% of the primary goal. Any amount less than 100% of the primary goal.

Q: Do you provide any transparent system control after you receive the funds from the platform which launched the campaign, at the end of the campaign?

A: We will make screenshots of the emails that we will get from the platform, screenshots from information systems from the platform, screenshots from our PayPal account or bank account after the platform wire transfers us the money from the campaign, or any other means of payment which works platform.

This will prove transparency for the funds we received from the platform, after deducting their fees for the purposes of offsetting future with a campaign.

Q: What type of companies or projects will Press Release Groups Funding not accept orders from or do business with ?

A: Our distributors and news syndicates will reject any press release which includes products or services related to gambling, tobacco, illicit drugs, online pharmacies, pornography or sexually explicit materials, male enhancement products, hate speech, personal attacks or any illegal activity.

Q: Why do you reject many campaigns and not work with anyone who wants to work with you?

A: For two reasons: The first is that there are a crowd of donors with whom we keep in touch, who believe in us and in every product or service we market, and have full confidence that each service we market is for the benefit of all.

It is important for us to launch high-quality products and services and reliable, professionally built campaigns, and that the team behind it is made up of quality people who really want to realize their vision for the common good, rather than trying to raise funds for their personal benefit without having to prove the reliability of the campaign after its release.

The second reason is that we are always full of new customers who want to work with us and it is important to give professional and personal service that will lead to a winning outcome that is focused and effective. The waiting list is long, but ultimately it pays off.

Q: What are the criteria to be your client and start working with you?

A: The first thing you need to do is produce a resume to show that you have expertise in the area that you are launching, i.e. references or some other form of evidence to show that you are not someone new in the field who decided to take advantage of the financing platform in order to raise money quickly.

Secondly, it’s very important that you will work for the common good and take care of your campaign to ensure that it looks professional. Do not compromise on quality as it is in your interest to raise a lot of money as quickly as possible.

Of great importance will be the page of this campaign. The content will be written by a professional team or you can write it yourself.

If we pass on a post campaign, we will scan it and write improvements if necessary, allowing you to proof your side of the improvement. The page campaign should have all the elements needed to lead a quality campaign and show its true intention and gain the respect of its supporters and donors by the layout on the platform.

The other thing we consider is reliability, quality and transparency throughout our process and of course consistency, focus and diligence. We use these elements to filter prospective customers who want to use our services and stay away from those who fail the test of reliability or appear to have a desire to get rich quick at the expense of enthusiastic supporters.

We represent a good amount of supporters and donors and desire the continuity of our relationship with them for the benefit of future campaigns. The quality of services that we launch is no less important to us than getting a new prospect to pay our fees.

Q: Can I schedule my press release to be published at a specific time of the day?

A: No! All press releases are scheduled for publication at midnight. This is to ensure that your press release reaches all journalists, news partners and search engines equally on-time. Very valuable distribution opportunities are missed if your press release is instead published at another time of the day.

Q: Am I allowed to edit or update my press release?

A: Of course! You’re allowed unlimited revisions of your press release with any of our package options, as long as they are completed before the scheduled release date.

Q: How long does it take to write and distribute my press release?

A: First of all it’s based on your selected package, everything is completed within 5, 9 or 14 days. Each order is guaranteed confirmation and processing in 24 hours (usually much faster).

Your press release is then written, edited and will await your approved. Final distribution and syndication to all networks takes a few days (news outlets pick up your story at different intervals).

Q: Do you provide any stats and reporting for your press release?

A: All packages receive an initial stats report by email, followed by more a detailed online report which includes the effectiveness of your press release campaign, distribution locations and resulting traffic to your target website.

Q: My company prefers to write our own press release in-house. Can you provide us with just distribution and syndication?

A: Sure! Your press release will still require our internal approval to meet the standard required by our distribution networks. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Is there any human support after purchasing the service of you?

A: Definitely!!! We will assign you a personal and professional coach who will accompany you through the procedure.

We will also send you professional reports and answer any questions that arise during the campaign and sit with you to brainstorm from time to time for strategies that will lead to success.

Q: Do you provide reports and transparency during the campaign?

A: During the campaign we issue between 3-4 reports. Among others: Report of Press Release and professional article including access to all search engines and direct links, report of publishing on social networking to include direct links and the number of exposures daily or periodically throughout the duration of the campaign, and transmission report to private groups or external broadcasts that feature direct access to those groups with the amount of daily and intermittent exposures throughout the days of the campaign.

Q: How do we get started?

A: Let’s start boosting your crowdfunding campaign! We recommend choosing our signature “Groups Funding package” for your campaign so we can get you the best results! For more info or to order right now please visit Click here