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After booking, we will contact you – please prepare the subject of the article. If you have external links of articles already published, please prepare . 

Marketing At Niche Targeted Websites & Mass exposures

When there is a number of different articles to written about you, about your service, your idea or your project by expert journalists, who know to use important keywords easing to facilitate the search and find targeted content and create significant impact moving for action – meaning creating a sort of virtual selling, they at the end of the day will be “salesmen” who create the real selling and affect public opinion – Be sure that this is the main tool that will make your project come true!

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 Target by Category ! Raise campaign page rate!

  • High Quality Press Release Publication
  • Press Release Submission
  • Professional Articles Writing (10 different articles)
  • New Media Distribution
  • Content Marketing
  • Blogs Advertising
  • Online famous Sites
  • Social media marketing
  • Images with Press Release
  • Video with Press Release
  • Marketing At Niche Targeted Websites
  • Internationaly Famous Websites
  • Diligent Content Research
  • 250,000 Niche Media Sites
  • Industry News Sites
  • Detailed Stats Reporting
  • Target by Category
  • Raise campaign page rate
  • lead the campaign page to high level on the crowdfunding platform
  • Mass exposures
  • Customer Support – Advanced
  • Completion Cycle – 4 DAYS

We have combined journalism experience and the success rate of 98% on thousands of written press material. You will receive nothing but the best with our journalist-written, editor-proofed press release.