Total Amount


From main goal sum



Get massive exposure

In order to determine the campaigns page rank and chances of being featured across the website.

Hit its goal

 To receive the money raised.

Important Note

You must first take basic responsibility and pay 5% of the main objective that you want to raise in your campaign. Our primary commission in the amount of 30% will be collected through a campaign platform, only after we prove the success of 100% at the end of the campaign on the platform.

After booking, we will contact you, and will start to lead your campaign.  


According Silver Plan your main goal from campaign will be between $10,000 to $99,000

Our fee is derived from the sum of the main goal.

To calculate the cost of the campaign, please follow the calculations in the model presented below:

For example: if your main goal from the campaign will be $60,000

The amount of the campaign will be calculated as follows:
$60,000 X 5% = $3,000
That is, the cost of your campaign will be $3,000

We’ll get our fees through the platform after we have demonstrated a 100% success. In this case, the sum will be deducted from the main goal and will be paid to us through the platform which launched the campaign.

If you know the know the our fee amount for the campaign, Please Choose Payment Method

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