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 International marketing and promotion 

Creating an international marketing and promotion strategy with news article on leading niche sites.

International promotion news

Creating news article and marketing international promotion news in front of the top search engines.

Important Note

You must first take basic responsibility and pay 5% of the main objective that you want to raise in your campaign. Our primary commission in the amount of 25% will be collected through a campaign platform, only after we prove the success of 100% at the end of the campaign on the platform.

After booking, we will contact you, and will start to lead your campaign.  


We are can help attract the best audiences to your campaign. Our service helps increase visibility for crowdfunding campaign, to increase page rank and boost the chances of being featured.

Let’s start boosting your campaign today!

Our professional services are designed to significantly boost your campaign’s factor on crowdfunding platform and help you to get the massive exposure you need to succeed.

With our Platinum Plan you’ll get:

Professional Public Relations for the new project, on the media, before we launch the campaign which will include:

  • 10-15 different professional articles which will describe the project
  • Press release – six stars, which includes a video clip and professional photos
  • Mass distribution to editors of international magazines
  • Advertising on famous forums which will lead to high ratings
  • Professional marketing – In three separate fronts (the private media, social media and direct appeal to donors and investors)
  • International marketing on targeted famous websites
  • Advertising on niche websites
  • Creating an international marketing and promotion strategy with news article on leading niche sites
  • Creating an international marketing and promotion strategy with news in front of the top search engines
  • E.O to get maximum visibility
  • Advertising on major and famous websites
  • Advertising on famous blogs, portals and news sites
  • Research and development
  • Targeted exposure
  • Diligent Content Research
  • Real reports with links to check the campaign at any time

Professional crowdfunding campaign after Public Relation as a first stage, which will  include: 

  • Page writing campaign by a team of copywriters and specialists to raise donors
  • Re-build the campaign page by a specialist in order to raise donors
  • New copywriting
  • Page layout and design of the overall campaign and graphic objects with special titles to lead action
  • Writing professional content to the campaign page
  • Combining animations, video or professional presentation as an explanation beyond the existing video – Bonus
  • Adding professional graphs
  • Preparing a business plan and integrating it into the campaign page – Bonus
  • Publishing on social media  - Bonus
  • Creating high ranking timing coordination on social media
  • Digital billboards on big Facebook groups
  • Broadcast campaign on huge Facebook groups
  • Provide high ranking to the campaign
  • Transportation of the campaign to the Main Page category where it belongs
  • Mass exposure to millions of potential donors/investors
  • Transporting the campaign page on the top of the site’s front page
  • Raise money outside the crowdfunding platform
  • Contact private to targeted donors/investors
  • Recruitment of new contributions
  • Recruitment of new investors
  • You will get from us a Trackable business plan – before we start the launch of the campaign
  • An automatic system, monitoring and control of the campaign
  • Full professional support throughout the campaign period

The platform will pay our fees after we prove the success of 100% 

You will receive the best service and high performance results.