Total Amount


From main goal sum


Get massive exposure

In order to determine the campaigns page rank and chances of being featured across the website.

Hit its goal

 To receive the money raised.

Important Note

You must first take basic responsibility and pay 5% of the main objective that you want to raise in your campaign. Our primary commission in the amount of 30% will be collected through a campaign platform, only after we prove the success of 100% at the end of the campaign on the platform.

After booking, we will contact you, and will start to lead your campaign.  


You should focus on a professional strategy to increase your campaign with winner team, as well as using our specialized service to boost your campaign, for raise more money. We have knowledge and a lot of experience to increase your campaign score, page rank, and odds of being featured across crowdfunding platform.

Work together to realize the vision and to be partners of real success !

With our marketing and distribution solutions, you’ll get:

Professional Public Relations for the new project, on the media, before we launch the campaign which will include:

  • 1-3 different professional articles which will describe the project
  • Press Release – two stars – writing of professional Press Release document – Without photos or video clip

Professional crowdfunding campaign after public relations as a first stage which will include: 

  • Campaign page pagination combined with graphical objects
  • New design for your campaign page
  • New copywriting
  • Provide high ranking to the campaign by mass exposure
  • Raising the campaign Page Rank in the social networking platform
  • Donor recruitment outside the crowdfunding platform
  • Recruitment of new investors
  • Transportation of the campaign to the Main Page in the category where it belongs
  • Full professional support throughout the campaign period
  • Your campaign will go live very quickly
  • Your campaign will be featured across the website
  • Positioning creative campaign page
  • Hit its goal to receive the money raised
  • You will get from us real reports with links to check the campaign at any time

We have combined experience and success. You will receive the best service and high performance results.